An Experiential Workshop for Clinicians & Facilitators

Led by Martha Serpas, MDIV, PHD. and Diane Hendel, NP-C

An immersion in poetry before a psychedelic journey readies us for a shift into a radically different mode of communication.
One might think of clearing ordinary language, entering into a new space of consciousness—one of images, music, sensations, and emotions, along with phenomena we have no words for—even before receiving the medicine.

Poetry and the Psychedelic Dance: A Workshop for Clinicians and Facilitators integrates movement, music, poetry, and a group IM ketamine journey to bring clinicians and facilitators into a deeper NOSC state.

The morning begins with a poetry immersion to open nonordinary channels of communication, adds a whisper of restorative movement, and then sound flows into a personalized IM ketamine experience.

Poetry and music accompany participants as they rejoin the gathering for an exploration of their journeys and how those may benefit client preparation and integration. The session will be followed by a light lunch and further group connection.

The mechanics of the poetic imagination are always the same: a concentration, a leap, a flight, a return with the treasure, and a classification and selection of what has been brought back.

Federico García Lorca

Art's work…beauty and wisdom or some kind of information that transcends and surpasses makes it art, that it can be a vessel the moment of its making. That's what that carries forward into another life, another time, another language, another culture.

—Jane Hirshfield

Evaluation, preparation (via Zoom), expansive small group journey, and follow up: $850 (evaluation fees waived).

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